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The Problem of the 15K-BA

Ross Douthat and Justin Green¬†are both enthusiastic about the idea from Red State’s Eric Erickson for a $15,000 bachelors degree. The idea for a 15K-BA comes from Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has called for a $10,000 bachelor degree in … Continue reading

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Income Redistribution & the Agrarian Law

As fiscal cliff talks continue, the debate over income redistribution rages on. There are two cases to be made for a redistributionist settlement: one economic, one political. The economic case for redistribution is that America’s service-based economy works better with … Continue reading

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American Demographic Decline

Ross Douthat and Megan McCardle have columns out this week on demographic decline in America. They’re responding to both short- and long-term declines in American fertility, though not overall population growth. Generally I think that McCardle is more on the … Continue reading

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Bad Idea of the Day: College Venture Capital

Sometimes, people will concoct ever more elaborate proposals as a way of avoiding what is directly in front of their faces. Case in point: today’s New York Times op-ed by Luigi Zingales in which he proposes scrapping federal student loans … Continue reading

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Germanization = Liberalization?

The German program for the eurozone’s southern economies has relied on austerity above all other tools. Today’s New York Times carries a story¬†that the Germans are refusing to open up a financial lifeline to the southerners in part because of … Continue reading

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The 800% Gorilla in the Room

A report in today’s Washington Post says that overall student loan debt has increased from $100 billion in 2001 to $867 billion in 2011, an increase of nearly 800% in a single decade. (The WaPo story says 2010-2011, but the … Continue reading

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German lifestyle and the Efficiency Ideal

Dateline: Germany. I am in Munich this week staying with a friend, and as always I am fascinated by the German socio-economic project. On the clean and efficient train ride out to Augsburg today, we passed town after town sporting … Continue reading

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