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How to Teach the American Civil War

Last night I finished reading Dudley Taylor Cornish’s The Sable Arm: Black Troops in the Union Army, 1861-1865, a history of the United States Colored Troops (USCT), and it has dramatically changed my view on how to teach the American Civil … Continue reading

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What’s the Point of the Declaration of Independence?

Happy July 4th, everyone. There was a little item in the New York Times yesterday, about whether or not a mark in the Declaration of Independence is a period or an ink smudge, and what that means. Why is this important? … Continue reading

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Why were there no decisive battles in the US Civil War?

There’s an interesting discussion going on in response to a post by James Q. Whitman at the New York Times’ Disunion blog. Whitman argues that the reason the US Civil War did not have decisive field battles, and instead ended … Continue reading

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Was The Iraq War Inevitable? A 10th Anniversary Counter-factual.

When the Iraq War started ten years ago, I was a college freshman studying politics, and to call my understanding of international affairs “sophomoric” would be getting ahead of ourselves. I was enthusiastically in support of the war – I … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The Founders and Finance”

It’s not easy writing an unfavorable review, especially when the author is no longer able to defend himself. My review of Thomas K. McCraw’s The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy is up at … Continue reading

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Soviets vs. Russians

In the American history class that I taught this morning, the topic of conversation was the origins of the Cold War, and in particular the division of Europe into capitalist and communist spheres. Something that I have been left thinking … Continue reading

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Income Redistribution & the Agrarian Law

As fiscal cliff talks continue, the debate over income redistribution rages on. There are two cases to be made for a redistributionist settlement: one economic, one political. The economic case for redistribution is that America’s service-based economy works better with … Continue reading

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