Cocktail Recipe: The Highland Coo

It took some experimentation, but I have finally finished my cocktail recipe. Last autumn, a friend introduced me to the Fidel Castro, a rum- and ginger beer-based cocktail that is a variant on the Moscow Mule vodka-ginger beer variety. It occurred to me that, ginger beer being delicious, there was strong potential for a whisky-based addition to the buck family that would be appropriate for Scotch whisky drinkers to enjoy. The goal was to replicate the essential goodness of the buck genre while adding the smokiness of the Highlands malts and accompanying the buck’s citrus with a taste of Scotland’s native flora.

The name Highland Buck already being taken, I figured some other cloven-hoofed relation to the mule would make a good name for my cocktail. A Glasgow Goat is alliterative but unappetizing. A Highland Coo, on the other hand, yields us delicious angus steaks while also being adorable (or monstrous, depending on your point of view). And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Highland Coo:

1 shot Dark Grouse blended whisky

150 cl/5 oz. ginger beer

A dash of elderberry syrup

Two drops of lemon juice

Mix and serve over ice in a rocks glass. Enjoy!

Moo, said the coo.


About Daniel Clinkman

I recently completed my PhD in History at the University of Edinburgh. My academic interest is in the transition from feudalism to liberalism in early modern Britain and its empire. My non-academic interests include public policy, political thought, international politics, social institutions, and travel. I grew up near Boston before attending the American University in Washington, DC. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow me @dclinkman on Twitter.
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