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Pink Slime and All the Juicy Bits

For quite some time now, the story about the “pink slime” has been making its away around the online media. For those of you who haven’t seen it, pink slime is the sludge made from ground up animal bits that … Continue reading

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TV Review: Game of Thrones, Season 1

Starting next week, I will be doing weekly reviews of the second season of the HBO series Game of Thrones. The show is based on George R.R. Martin’s written epic series A Song of Ice and Fire, which is not … Continue reading

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Ze Frank’s “The Show”

A reminder to everyone that while yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, it was also the five year anniversary of the last episode of Ze Frank’s “The Show“. ┬áThe Show was a very early effort at Web 2.0 individual brand-building, an … Continue reading

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The 800% Gorilla in the Room

A report in today’s Washington Post says that overall student loan debt has increased from $100 billion in 2001 to $867 billion in 2011, an increase of nearly 800% in a single decade. (The WaPo story says 2010-2011, but the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jefferson, Time, and History

No major blog post this week, as I am working to finish a chapter of my thesis by this weekend. But, for those who enjoy reading about Thomas Jefferson and/or the Enlightenment, my review of Hannah Spahn’s Thomas Jefferson, Time, … Continue reading

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Cocktail Recipe: The Highland Coo

It took some experimentation, but I have finally finished my cocktail recipe. Last autumn, a friend introduced me to the Fidel Castro, a rum- and ginger beer-based cocktail that is a variant on the Moscow Mule vodka-ginger beer variety. It … Continue reading

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Paranoid Style Addendum

A couple of quick items from today’s news that shows that the paranoid style lives another day: 1) Joe Arpaio declares that he will find whoever it was who faked Obama’s birth certificate. 2) And in the style of McCarthy’s … Continue reading

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