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Movie Review: Was Robin Williams the Villain of Dead Poets Society?

Before you say anything, yes, I am aware that Dead Poets Society came out over twenty years ago, and yes, I am aware that it stars Robert Sean Leonard, who does not appear to have aged a day as Dr. … Continue reading

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German lifestyle and the Efficiency Ideal

Dateline: Germany. I am in Munich this week staying with a friend, and as always I am fascinated by the German socio-economic project. On the clean and efficient train ride out to Augsburg today, we passed town after town sporting … Continue reading

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Santorum on “Mainline Protestanism”

Over the weekend a couple of Rick Santorum quotes came out concerning his views on Protestantism that are pretty interesting in isolation but become more interesting when you fit them together. The first, an audio file from 2008, has Santorum … Continue reading

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The Hamiltonian Moment

This week’s Economist has a welcome column from Charlemagne on what lessons early American fiscal federalism can offer European leaders during the euro crisis. I wrote my masters dissertation on Hamilton’s fiscal program and have been talking up his example … Continue reading

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Homeless! The Life of the Mind, Outside of Academia

The phrase “life of the mind” is most evocative of a university idyll, of ivy-covered walls and quadrangles, of tweed jackets and dark gowns, of time spent in reflection and of packed lecture halls. To a great extent, the imagery … Continue reading

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Nordic Horizons – McKommunes and Scottish local government

Last night I attended a┬áNordic Horizons meeting at the Scottish parliament building for a round table discussion entitled “McKommunes: People-Sized Local Government?” Nordic Horizons is a mixed group of Nordics and Scots who are interested in using Nordic approaches to … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back in Iraq….

There was some big news from Iraq yesterday, with the New York Times carrying news that the American embassy in Baghdad will be scaled down from 16,000 personnel to 8,000. Amongst the downsize will be thousands of mercenaries providing security … Continue reading

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