New College Followup

There has been a buzz – a veritable deluge – of criticism regarding the New College for the Humanities. I would like to point out that my prediction that the founding professors will foist off teaching responsibilities to adjuncts seems to be correct. This article from the Guardian cites LSE research that teaching faculty at the NCH will be paid less than their state university counterparts. Do you think AC Grayling and Niall Ferguson have agreed to take pay cuts? Or do you think that instead they will have adjuncts do the teaching while they pocket the dividends?


About Daniel Clinkman

I recently completed my PhD in History at the University of Edinburgh. My academic interest is in the transition from feudalism to liberalism in early modern Britain and its empire. My non-academic interests include public policy, political thought, international politics, social institutions, and travel. I grew up near Boston before attending the American University in Washington, DC. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow me @dclinkman on Twitter.
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